Rayman Legends

For seven months I was a generalist programming intern at Ubisoft Montpellier in southern France. I worked on the title Rayman Legends which [...]

Voxel Engine

For my Specialization project I’ve done research in quickly colliding rays with voxel geometry and stress testing this by ray-tracing [...]

Audio Engine

Audio engine from scratch in Win32 Winmm API. Support for: WAV and OGG-Vorbis formats Samplerate Interpolation Brickwall Limiting 3D audio u [...]


Group Project in which I was one of the two programmers. Visible on Moby Games We chose to use the Horde3D render engine because of the smal [...]

Dungeon Crawler

A project I did at school together with 4 programmers and 7 artists. The project was done in a relatively short time span of 14 working days [...]

Path Tracer

A distributed path tracer that allows for multiple machines to compute frames, that get merged at the server’s accumulation buffer. Su [...]

Software Rasterizer (and OpenCL)

Using OpenGL for blitting pixels onto a fullscreen quad. Which was supplied to us by our teacher Mr. Jacco Bikker. Written fully from scratc [...]

Procedural Content Generation

A Project from the “Procedual Content Generation” course. Generating both textures and models without loading any data from file [...]


Most of the work below was created in the framework supplied by our teacher Mr. Dini. N-body Simulation This simulation shows several bodies [...]

PSP dev-kit

My first project on the PSP Devkit was this port of Team 17’s Project X. (Port of a previous school project, not the original game) Ga [...]
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